Tired of living a life that leaves your physical and mental health completely out of balance with each other?

The FNL Journal is here to help.

The FNL (Fitness Nutrition Lifestyle) journal is a tool for women to help them create balance between their physical and mental health, while increasing confidence, happiness, success, and fulfillment outside of just their bodies.

"LOVING the FNL Journal. Life has been absolutely crazy recently- we are selling our house and moving, all while working full time, raising a 3 year old and still finding time for fun! So the journal has been a really great way to wind down each day and has given focus to the “spare” time I do have. It’s also been great to keep track of my lifts each week and then set goals for the next week. I love how the journal is organized, and all the quotes! "

- Shelley L. - Pennsylvania                                                                                                                         

" I love that this journal keeps me accountable to my goals and that... when I don’t mark off something I was supposed to do it reminds me to put it for another day."

- Liz H., California                                                                                                                             

"I like the prompts during the weekly planning and recap sections, they make me think about what my priorities are. I like that there's not a lot of writing to do during the week."

- Jess K., Maryland

"By using the FNL Journal, it has helped me with creating and achieving mini goals that don’t include losing weight, but are more so habits. That’s REALLY hard for me."


- Sara C., Texas                                                                                                                                                                     

"The FNL journal has really helped me organize my approach to fitness and nutrition. It is my little "conscience" of healthy living. Being aware that I need to record my progress is a constant reminder that I must be accountable to my health and fitness. Even when I forget to make entries, it is on my mind and reminds me daily of my commitment to a healthy lifestyle!"

- Barb D., Arizona